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Girl's Simple Skirt

Girl's Simple Skirt


This is a fun super simple skirt that I have been making for my grand-daughters for years.

You will need Fabric about 1/2 yard to 1 yard of fabric (depending on size - measure the lucky girl from her waist to where you want the hem to be. Add 2 inches) 

The Sewing Studio has plenty of elastic you can use.


To register for this class: email Renita at to arrange for a class time



Sign up for 9 months of consecutive regular classes and get the 10th month free!

These classes are individualized and self paced. Ages 7 through adult.

 At Etown Sewing Studio students learn the lifelong skill of sewing and fashion design. Learning to sew promotes hand-eye coordination, reading comprehension, self-confidence, independence, problem solving, creativity, logic, sequencing, patience, math skills, and so much more all the while having SEW MUCH fun!

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