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Volunteers meet weekly on Thursday Mornings from 9am to noon 
where we get together to mass produce cute and modest dresses using a pattern designed by Instructor Renita.  No sewing experience necessary.
We take donations of fabric and notions and turn them into cute little dresses
to send to little girls around the world.

If you wish to sew from home, please use patterns from this link:
Delivering dresses and hope to girls in need and at risk around the world.
A Program of Hope 4 Women International

From their website:

Thank you, Dress A Girl Around the World!  We are recipients of your beautiful dresses! 


We can feel that you made the dresses with love because they are so pretty!  They help us to realize we have dignity and to know that God loves us! We want to know that we are worthy of love. Many of us are overlooked and often abused with no one to protect us.


You know, for  many of us this will be the only new dress we ever own. Thank you for making them so carefully so that they can last us a very long time.   Could you please make sure to use a good, sturdy cotton fabric ?  Our bodies need to be covered and if the fabric is thin, sometimes our skin shows through and it's embarrassing.  


And can you please help protect us from predators by putting the  Dress a Girl label on the outside front of the dress?  The label indicates that an organization is looking after us and just maybe a predator will pass us over! That's worth the extra time and effort, don't you think?


Thank you so much for giving us 'God's best dress'!  We love you!

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