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Quilting Class

Quilting Class



To Register for classes please email Renita at


Begin your quilting journey with us!  No matter where you are on the quilting journey, we can help!  We start with quilting small projects such as coasters, mug rugs and placemats then move on to bigger projects.


Quilting classes are four 1.5 hours long each month. $70

Sign up for 9 months of consecutive attendance and get the 10th month free!

These classes are individualized and self paced. Ages 7 through adult.

 At Etown Sewing Studio students learn the lifelong skill of sewing and fashion design. Learning to sew promotes hand-eye coordination, reading comprehension, self-confidence, independence, problem solving, creativity, logic, sequencing, patience, math skills, and so much more all the while having SEW MUCH fun!

  • Policies and Procedures

    Policies and Procedures

    Please read carefully before registering
    There must be 3 students registered and paid for the class to take place

    Monthly Tuition:

    The first month’s payment is due with registration and future payments are due the first of each month.

    Kindly let us know as soon as possibe if you wish to cancel. If you have agreed to 9 months of lessons and need to cancel early, there is a $10 charge per month for each month of classes already taken.
    Makeup Classes:
    A makeup class will be held at an announced time. There are no pro-rated rates given for makeup classes. If class is cancelled due to instructor absentee class will be made up on Saturday.

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