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Soothing Rice Neck Bags

Soothing Rice Neck Bags


Make one of these and your neck will thank you!  These neck warmers are filled with rice. You can put them in the microwave and have an instant neck heating pad. And you made it yourself!

You can use flannel from the studio or you can purchase your own. If you purchase your own, you will need 1/2 yards flannel.


You will go home with confidence and directions to make more at home.


To register for this class: email Renita at to arrange for a class time


Sign up for 9 months of consecutive attendance and get the 10th month free!

These classes are individualized and self paced. Ages 7 through adult.

 At Etown Sewing Studio students learn the lifelong skill of sewing and fashion design. Learning to sew promotes hand-eye coordination, reading comprehension, self-confidence, independence, problem solving, creativity, logic, sequencing, patience, math skills, and so much more all the while having SEW MUCH fun!

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